The Road to Sturgis: Part Two

Day Two to the Sturgis and the Wild Gypsy Tour was a doozy! We rode through the hot head of Nevada and into Twin Falls, Idaho. Leaving Mammoth in the morning was bittersweet, as we both wanted to stay there for much longer. Nevada, although beautiful in it’s own way, was not the place for me. I’m very much an ocean girl, so being by the desert (outside of Joshua Tree) was so foreign to me. We took part of what is called the “Loneliest Highway in America” through middle Nevada to get to Twin Falls.

They were not joking. We barely stopped in Nevada, minus tiny ghosts towns for a gas fill-up. I always wondered what life is like in those towns. Even with myself being from a smaller Midwest town, I don’t know how I would’ve entertained myself as a kid. The gas stations themselves were few and far between. Twin Falls was a nice rest-stop after such a long ride and we rewarded ourselves with a Motel 6 hotel room and the community pool before retiring for the night and riding to the Sawtooth Range. The Sawtooth range was unreal, with us arriving a few hours before dusk. We found a clear lake (where I promptly went skinny dippy) before taking some photos on the roadside during golden hour. The Harley Davidsons from Eaglerider were a dream to ride to this location. It was comfortable and looked so nostalgic against the razored backdrop. We’ll definitely back again, now that I know Idaho is more than potatoes.

Photos of myself by Genevieve Davis