2018 Resolutions

Peace out, 2017, you were a pain in the ass! I make new year’s resolutions, I don’t always follow through on them; but they give me hope. That’s what matters right? Jokes. I had a milestone birthday last year so I think it’s maybe time to do some actual changes. Here are the things I’ll be focusing on the next 365 days and onward:


[1] Find my cause.
Environmentalism has been on my mind the past few months and I find my life slowly matching up to my values again. I stopped caring for awhile (about a lot of things) but I can’t sit back any longer. We need to be an ally for those who cannot help themselves.

[2] Restart (and finish) the Artist’s Way.
I found this book to be really helpful when I started last year. Every day life, of course, got in the way of me taking this seriously. I would love to see myself actually following through. If I start in January headstrong, I can finish in March and use the rest of my year in application and growth.

[3] Wake up earlier during week days. 
When I came home from Sri Lanka this past October, I found myself waking up without an alarm clock at 4-5am. I was refreshed and I LOVED it. I’d like to make this a habit in the mornings. Perfect routine? Wake up, write the Artist’s Way morning pages, go surf, eat brekkie and go to work.

[4] Focus on becoming really good at one thing.
I’m pretty much the master of none. I learn quickly and I’m talented at a lot of things I try. I’m not gloating, I just find a lot of stuff interesting and can pick up a skill by watching. BUT, I won’t deny that I’m very much a beginner in those instances. I’d love to have laser focus on a skill to become an expert. Everything else is a hobby.

[5] Take one large motorcycle or car camping trip.
Wouldn’t it be great to drop everything for a few months?

[6] Move into a camper.
This is very, very possible – very soon.

[7] Stop treating my creative skills as hobbies.
Did you know that photos, drawings, blogging, art direction, filming and practically everything else creative COSTS money? I make *some* money from it, but I’m not making a lot of things for myself. I’d love to invest in more workshops and actually charge what I’m worth. I’m still very much taken advantage of in this area. I also don’t always treat my ideas and dreams as real and concrete things. There are thousands of people out there less talented than my pinky finger picking a booger out of nose that are “making it” and causing a stir. You know why? Audacity. You can read more about in a later post this week!


I know there are some resolutions that are harder to quantify or measure. These are the ones I’m not going to be hard on myself if I don’t hit them on the daily. I’d really love to take these more seriously in a way that they’ll just become habits. It’s a matter of consciousness and awareness.

  • More compassion
  • Take my friendships more seriously and openly
  • Stop chasing people at the same time
  • Finish what you start
  • Learn an artisan skill
  • Learn backcountry skills
  • Get rid of unnecessary objects in my house
  • Follow through on an idea when you get it
  • Make dates with myself to do things I enjoy like surfing, crossfit and camping
  • Keep doing healthy things that you did last year. It’s working. Just elevate!

What are you considering changing this year?



  1. Chantae

    June 15, 2018

    Oooh, these are really good! The finding my cause resolution is one I can relate to. I can go through phases of being very intense and good about pursuing my environmental causes… but I also find that it comes with obsession/guilt that affects me negatively. I want to focus on pursuing environmental causes and find a way to stay upbeat about it as well.

    I also feel you on the treating your creativity as a hobby! If you don't value your work, why should anyone else type of deal! Haha 🙂