ON THE ROAD // Mammoth Lakes Camping

After Alabama Hills, Kingston and I went to Mammoth Lakes, California to beat the heat. We figured – hey, long weekend and it’s only an hour or so north of us. Why not go? We first drive up the 395 up to Bishop and eat lunch at Eric Schat’s Bakery. If you like bread (who doesn’t?) this place will blow your mind. I’ve been there only once before and I think it was just as busy at 10am as it was later in the afternoon. It’s one of those places that has every type of bread and it’s a little kitschy. Great Sandwiches, would recommend. Sugar cookies look questionable – but, I’d probably still eat them.

After Bishop, we hit up a few scenic areas around Mammoth (which, pretty much is every part), checked out a waterfall or two before grabbing some more coffee (sweet nectar) before finding our campsite. We found a pretty beautiful one (see our view above) and proceeded to take a well-needed nap. Alabama Hills killed us with the heat so it was hard to find a place to rest. Mammoth was quite the opposite, there was lots of shade and you could essentially still feel the mountain snow from the bottom. It was a beautiful sight and I felt so relaxed.