On the Road // Alabama Hills

Recently, my friend Kingston and I went to the area of Lone Pine, California to get away for the weekend. It’s always nice to have friends that are down for adventure, even if it’s just for a weekend. Alabama Hills was a place that I recently wanted to visit, I think because it’s so close to the mountains but still has a desert vibe to it. It’s all free camping (unless noted) as well, so if you have a vehicle that can rough some of the tiny little dirt paths up to the spots with the views it’s well worth the trip.

We shot some really bad tasting cans of Wal-Mart brand La Croix. Watching them explode was way more fun than I would’ve thought. Right around sunset, we took a small walk to take some photos in the lingering sunlight. Once the sun went over the mountains, it finally become cool — the sun really gave us a beating during the day. Alabama Hills doesn’t have a lot of shelter, so hopefully you have an RV to seek refuge in or find some shade amongst the rocks. Earlier in the day we were able to drive up close to Mount Whitney and took some shots off the mountainside. See more of Kingston’s photos and videos from this trip at Roaming Lost.

Photos of me by Kingston Photo

March 21, 2017