CURRENTLY // February 2017

My blog always falls by the wayside, not going to lie. It’s not that don’t enjoy blogging, I actually think about this corner of the web a lot. I have a lot of ideas and projects for it, but when it comes to executing – I’m pretty much the worst. I find myself going to the gym, running, working on other projects, etc. I’m feeling pretty great about 2017 though…. despite all the Trump terror that’s been happening. Here’s what’s been going down lately:

READING The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It’s really been helping my confidence as an artist in ways that haven’t surfaced before. Mainly just in having confidence in my taste and work.

WRITING a lot of morning pages (because of the previously mentioned book) – every morning I essentially write three pages of word vomit before I do anything else in the day. It helps just get all the junk out and sometimes I get a few gold nuggests in there.

LISTENING The new Kehlani album, SweetSexySavage, is all good. Like, all the songs. Bomb.

THINKING That I deserve a lot more than I think I do. Not in the entitled, millennial way; but in an honest to goodness give myself more credit sort of way. Confidence is so attractive in others to me, why wouldn’t I want it for myself?

SMELLING Fresh, cold air. We’ve had rain for the past couple weeks so everything seems green, new and rich.

WISHING That people would just be honest? That this whole Trump mania is a hoax?

HOPING for a few freelance opportunities to pop up.

WEARING Lots of plain stuff. Not shopping a lot lately because one, I found out I don’t really like going shopping anymore and two, I’ve been losing weight again so resistance is futile IMHO.

WANTING to become a better, well-rounded resident of this country. 

CONSIDERING the van life, always.

MAKING efforts to be better at emailing.

EATING the same things for the past three weeks and it’s not bothering me. Meal prepping is saving my wallet and sanity. And along with my clothing apathy, I’m just straight up not into cooking a whole ton right now.

DRINKING less alcohol lately. I feel damn good. Is this adulting? Fuck.

WASTING time with people I like. 👍🏼

ENJOYING my new aquatech housing for my 5D mkiii. Watch out people…

WAITING for Coachella like an idiot.

PLANNING an escape. I picture blue waters and a cocktail with a tiny paper umbrella. And cheap tacos, because what would be the point otherwise?

FEELING a bit confused about a personal relationship.

KNOWING I’m improving my creative skills every day.

LOVING that we had a shit-ton of rain recently.

NEEDING a good workout. 

March 21, 2017