On The Road // Road to Moab Pt 2

Zion was beyond incredible.

I barely made it into my campsite and lucked out with overflow camping. Lesson learned: book ahead of time. But, in reality, that’s not much fun is it? So scratch that, do whatever the hell you want – you’re motorcycle camping anyway. Something I highly suggest getting, and will cover more in depth with a later post, is to buy yourself a National Park pass. I went through about four national parks during my 8 days of traveling and each entrance ranged from $25-40. With a national park pass, at $80, I paid it off within the first two visits. Look up all the national parks here if you’re game to get one; the pass doesn’t apply to state parks and the like so plan accordingly!

There are plenty of really easy hikes around Zion. I unfortunately wasn’t able to do the famous Angel’s Landing or The Narrows since I would be hiking back in the darkness/chest-high icy water if I did. Luckily there is a shuttle system that gets you around pretty easily and to whichever hike really strikes your fancy. Also, since I did about 500 miles in the bike seat that day, I would rather just walk around and take in the majesty of the rock formations all around me. At dusk, I set up my hammock and read while chatting with a few folks my age. They recognized me from some motorcycle-related Instagram account; which was utterly surreal in itself – but it happened to make us quick friends.

After my one night camping, sleepy and already tired of packing and unpacking every night, I left to exit out the other end of the park. This park was made for riding your bike. Right past the shuttle drop off, there is a escalating winding road to take you through a narrow tunnel. Once through, your whole world seems to open up to even more valleys of giants. It was hard to not want to stop every 100 feet and stare. Luckily the one time I really did, a herd of bighorn sheep made their way out in the distance.  Zion left me wanting more, and I definitely want to make it happen in the near future.