ON THE ROAD // Motos in Moab

Not going to lie; my self-confidence was shaky when I arrived in Moab. I made it all this way; but I realized I didn’t really know anyone except from their Instagram. Luckily my friends Kiki and Jamie pulled up at the same time I pulled into the lot. I think these pictures really speak for themselves — basically, I’m really glad I went.

Since we started on such an honest note, I’ll continue by saying this was definitely a try anything once experience. I had a lot of fun and made a good amount of new friends; but I think I like the smaller motorcycle gatherings I’ve been too. Babes Ride Out is the main one I went to and maybe it feels smaller (even with 1K+ people) because it’s a lot more, um, contained? HA! Motos in Moab was basically seeing how many people can get on a bike at one time and how many things you can set on fire. Essentially it’s everything you expect when you mix males, machinery, beer, fire and women (a fun weekend).