WHAT I WORE // Topanga Canyon Ride

I’ve been riding up in Topanga and Malibu canyons a lot recently. For one, I wish I could live there… and two, its the easiest access to winding and curvy roads you can get to without going out on an abominable highway like the 405.  When my fellow lady rider, Genevieve, asked me to stand in for some shots on my bike; I didn’t hesitate. Her work is awesome and when it comes to positive people? She’s in the top five, easy. We went up to Topanga Canyon Rd and shot during the beautiful golden hour. A lot of honking and hollers were involved from passing cars (and motorcycles) and being the really cool person that I am, pretended to shoot cowboy guns into the air and did a little jig from time to time in response *shrug emoji*.

I’m wearing the same thing as one of my last posts (I’m not going to even pretend to explain my absence). I got an amazing pair of Redwings from my sister for Christmas; so I wear those on every ride I get to go on. Speaking of which, I didn’t even own this motorcycle at the time of my last post. She’s amazing and beautiful and alltheamazingadjectivesyoucanthinkofOMG. I’m officially in love with my Triumph Bonneville. I’ll be sure to dedicate a full post to her glory in the near future. I really have become interested in the old school looking shovelheads though… I never thought I would actually say that. But I’ve seen the light. They are badass. I’ve gone to Babes Ride Out with her in Joshua Tree last year and I’m going to hit up Moab, Utah next month. Going to be a long ride but it’ll be super worth it.

Men’s Denim Button-up – Thrifted
Boots – Redwing Heritage
‘Moto’ Detail Skinny Jeans – Paige Denim
Leather Jacket – Wilson’s Leather, Thrifted
Scarf – Thrifted
Gringo Sparkle Helmet + Bubble Shield – Biltwell
Leather Stamped Belt – Thrifted


All photos by Genevieve Davis