WHAT I WORE // The Getty Center

If you haven’t been to the Getty Center in Los Angeles, I suggest you close your screen and go there immediately. It’s free and parking is only $15.

Oh, you’re back. Wasn’t that awesome? Tres picturesque, no? It’s such a cultural hub in the city with beautiful exhibits, gardens and views of both the ocean and the city around us (on those smog-free days). My friend and I went to see the new Mapplethorpe exhibit that opened earlier in the month and to attend a short story reading. I personally loved learning more about Robert Mapplethorpe; I did know a bit about him from studying photographers and then reading a bit about him in Patti Smith’s “Just Kids” a few years back. He was so sensitive, yet so blunt and controversial. People like that fascinate me and he makes me want to understand light, symmetry and to just be a bit more risky in my artistic endeavors (probably not to his extent though… ha!).

I’ve been feeling really great about myself, almost losing 20lbs since January. I made a promise to myself to keep myself healthy and I feel like it’s starting to show. When you have confidence and love yourself, there is a different way you start carrying yourself. I’m liking this person more and more. I’m also liking these lace up tops more and more. Can the 70’s bohemian trend never leave? I believe I belong in that era of fashion. You can tear my flares, suede and embroidery from my cold, dead silver-ring encrusted hands.

Lace-up white top – Urban Outfitters (Buy Here)
Skirt – Vintage, thrifted
Leopard Shoes – LoveMade, Free People
Black Purse – Vintage, thrifted.

All photos by Juliana Johnson

October 5, 2015