WHAT I WORE // Sequin Dream

My friend and I went to the Santa Monica Pier to take some photos and catch up. Despite the Southern California temperatures cooling down, and the holiday season starting, the foot traffic has refused to let up on the West Coast. We’ve been having an unusually warm summer/fall this year so it doesn’t surprise me that people are still coming in hordes. I can’t really talk though. I’m only a local because I’ve been here for five years from my Ohio move, but I’m still starting to get that grumpy “go home” mentality when the tourism doesn’t drop off. Well either way, I got this skirt hanging in my closet and it was pretty much the perfect piece to get illuminated by all the pier lights!

Things have been quiet around DAVY for awhile. This summer/early autumn was busy with camping trips, return to acting classes, my September birthday (!!!) and lots of work. I’m excited for fall, really because it always gives this “cozy-but-productive” vibe. October I’m shooting a wedding in Mexico this week, going to San Francisco and Babes Ride Out – All before November 1st! Craziness, my head is spinning, Argh! But I love this busy time! I’m actually looking forward to really being introspective this season. I feel something brewing… A Pumpkin Spice Latte? … Joking! If I’m going to brew anything it’s going to be beer or whiskey.

What does Autumn have in store for you? 

Black Motorcycle Tee – Vintage, Ebay
Slip-on Sneakers – Vans
Sequin Skirt – Nasty Gal
Apple Watch – Apple

All photos by Juliana Johnson