WHAT I WORE // Weekend Tacos Date

Taco date as in dinner with a friend. Not to be confused with going on a date with a taco; although you shouldn’t put it past me. Add a margarita and the entire two seasons of Silicon Valley and that sounds like my kind of night. Dinner for one? Mexican food is probably 99.8% of the reason I moved to Southern California. The cuisine here is unbeatable for obvious reasons. I overindulge in cheese, which is terrible for my lactose-intolerance. So, it made total sense that I ordered two dump-truck sized cheese enchiladas for just myself this past weekend. That all being said, wear comfortable clothes when you’re planning on eating a meal big enough for a family of six.

I’ve worn this tunic as a dress before (with shorts) but after so many people asking my where my pants were, I started wearing something longer out of annoyance (dang, they got me!). One thing my tall friends know is that not every dress is actually a dress. Due to height, most things become a tunic.  Or a shirt. Or a crop top. *grumble*

A leather jacket always dresses up an outfit, to me. I found this terra-cotta-colored gem in Inglewood and quickly snatched it up when I saw someone eyeballing it. HA! To the victor go the spoils. Speaking of spoils, I realized most of this outfit was gifted or thrifted. I’m a big fan of that; having clothing that is given a second life. One, ironically I’m a “style” blogger that hates spending money/being called a “consumer”; and two, I am starting to take awareness of where the items (food, clothing, etc.) in my life are coming from way more seriously. Ha, I know I’m saying this with a Forever21 shirt on, but overall I’m slowly minimizing how often I purchase from “fast fashion” companies. Next? …groceries …beauty …home goods. Being conscious is a never-ending responsibility I’m willing to take on if it means a better life for others. If companies are going to call me a consumer, I may as well become a smart one.

Sigh, baby steps.

Man, who would’ve thought that Mexican food can inspire such deep conversation? My friend and I also talked about where I wanted this blog to go; because to be honest, I don’t know what the hell I’m writing about anymore on DAVY. Yes, it’s inspired by certain topics; but they’ve been hard to document or do lately (excuses, mainly). The sporadic writing should really hint at that. It’s not that I don’t like writing/creating anymore; I feel paralyzed more than anything. Creative conversations, like this weekend with friends, really ignite passion again. By the way folks, if you’re excited about something it’s a sign you’re onto something. I know I am overflowing creatively. It’s the execution that I get caught up in. I’m not going to say I can’t finish a project to completion, but it is a challenge for me. Mainly due to excitement and FOMO of a new one. I’ll definitely write a bigger post on this because it’s been brewing for a long time!

What kind of conversations do you love having with friends? 

White Button-down Shirtdress – Forever21 (similar)
Snakeskin Booties – Unknown label, Thrifted (similar)
Charcoal Moto Jeans – c/o Cottonon
Leather Jacket – Wilson’s Leather, Thrifted (similar)
Bucket Purse – Unknown label, Thrifted (similar)
Sunglasses – Rayban Wayfarer

All photos by Juliana Johnson



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