WHAT I WORE // Distress & Denim

Denim is the be-all, end-all fabric of choice for my life. I have yet to discover a more versatile fabric than good, blue-collar denim. I picked up this Vintage Levi’s men’s jacket for $20 on ebay. Paypal makes shopping dangerous, amirite? Waxed black jeans are a staple in my closet. Dressed up or down, you can wear them anywhere. Right now they kind of reek like campfire, which personally is A-OK with me. Not so much for others’ noses. I actually found out the brand is owned by a family I know! Small world, that Los Angeles crowd…
I would wear this outfit for short rides (like the 2-3 miles to work) on my Honda CB550F Super Sport. Which, is really make her debut this post. I got her a few months back and I’m stoked on her managable size. I wanted to get a CB750, but that is a beast of a motorcycle. The 550s are much more agile and I loved the root beer color. She needs some work currently; but that will come in a future post series (get stoked, nerds). I’m excited to get my hands laden with oil, rust and dirt.

I went to Babes Ride Out this past October and, despite my motorcycle having wiring issues the moment I left the driveway, I still hauled ass to get to Joshua Tree. I sort of felt like a fraud when I was driving there but I was so pleasantly surprised to see girls in my situation. Not that their bikes broke down, but that I had people in my shoes! I can see the whole event blowing up even more this year, and I am so stoked to be a part of it. So excited for this fall. One of the things I nabbed that weekend was a Born a Bad Seed tee made by the ever-so-sweet Jill. These shirts were a steal at the event and 50% went back to amping it up for 2014, helping a fellow motorcyclist with her bills and beyond. Can’t argue with that. I’m probably going to put a bit of sandpaper to this cotton tee to thin it out a bit more, but I’m so happy with the comfy level.

What do you think of the distressed tee look? Is it wearable or is it something that needs to be thrown away?

Men’s Denim Jacket – Vintage Levi’s (Similar)
Waxed Jeans – Modern Saints (Similar)
Boots – Thrifted in Seattle
Babes Ride Out Graphic Tee – Born a Bad Seed (Similar Styles)
Turquoise Ring – gifted
Medallion Bracelet – c/o RocksBox (promo coming soon!)


All photos by Juliana Johnson